Introducing Jackson Files.

Jackson is the pseudonym of the webmaster of one of the world’s most disgusting web sites. Jackson Files is updated continuously through out the day with gruesome pics and some of the most sickening videos ever filmed. In spite of the sickness, we are left to wonder, exactly who is Jackson?

Jackson’s real name is Scott Peterson, who had a perfectly normal childhood but when he reached his teens, his rebellious self emerged and his reckless behavior got him permanently evicted from his parents’ house. Peterson found his new home in the woods before being found unconscious by a kindly couple who took him to their house where he was nursed back to health. Peterson pretended to be a mute as not to give away any information about his true identity, so he was taken in as the couple’s adopted son. His name: Jackson.

Peterson got a job working at his adopted father’s warehouse and maintained his mute persona throughout his employment. In appreciation of his company and good work, he was rewarded with a fortune intended for the couple’s estranged son, enough to buy a car and a fully furnished apartment with enough money left over to enjoy the finer things in life.

One of the luxury items was a desktop computer. Peterson was also signed up with Internet access, which opened up a whole new world of web sites and content covering every subject imaginable. Peterson began staying up later and later each night exploring the Web and soon spent the entire night at his computer. He began oversleeping and kept arriving at work late, which was all his adopted father could stand. Peterson was fired and began his permanent isolation from the outside world, shutting himself into his apartment so he could continue exploring the Internet.

Meanwhile, his car began rusting and soon had to be towed because it was literally falling apart in the parking lot. But Peterson didn’t care, he had his computer and the Internet, and all was well in his world. Then Peterson started up a web site of his own, calling it Jackson Files. He experimented with varying content until he found the type of content that sent traffic his way in huge volumes. Yes, pornography and gruesome content became the basis for Peterson’s site and he stayed up for days at a time to search for stuff to post.

Then Peterson ran into a different problem. He was almost out of money and needed a steady source of income. That problem was solved when he sold advertising space on his site that drew advertisers like crazy, and Peterson’s money problems were solved.

So Peterson began looking for ways to build his Internet empire. Jackson Files was no longer enough, so he built Jackson’s Porn, Jackson’s Warez, Jackson’s Hentai, Jackson’s Gore, among others. He found himself staying up for days at a time to update his sites and was soon rolling around in the riches reaped from the hefty profits his sites made.

In the meantime, Peterson’s own life was falling apart. He neglected his apartment and fell behind with the maintenance and upkeep. Living conditions soon became as disgusting as Peterson’s sites, with mildew sprouting on the carpeting and mushrooms growing on the walls.

Then Peterson’s real parents showed up for a surprise visit and were shocked to see how horrible he looked and how disgusting his apartment appeared, not to mention a very disgusting video that was playing on Peterson’s computer. That would be the last time his parents ever came for a visit.

Then one day, in less than an instant, all of Jackson’s web sites disappeared from the Internet as disgusted hackers broke into the servers and erased all the files using multiple overwrite schemes to prevent recovery.

Jackson was so devastated at the loss of his web sites that he attempted suicide but only succeeded in permanently disfiguring his face made worse by unsanitary living conditions. He is lonely and very unhappy. No way can your life be worse than his.

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