The Dark Tunnel, Part 5.

Ian and Steve ran as fast as they could down the tunnel, with Steve’s shaky flashlight the sole source of illumination. They dared not look behind them as they focused all their efforts on the gaping darkness ahead.

“Faster, Steve!” Ian screamed as he took a quick glance backwards.

“HOLD IT!” Steve yelled, abruptly slowing down to a stop.

“What?” Ian too stopped running before walking back to where Steve stood.

“What are we running from anyway?” Steve asked.

“Don’t you remember?” Ian gasped as he caught his breath. “We’re running from-” Then he stopped as his thoughts took over. “I have no idea what we’re running from.”

“All right, what happened in Part 4?”


“Well, the name of this story is The Dark Tunnel, Part 5, so it must be a continuation of what happened in Part 4, only I can’t remember that we went through in Part 4 .”

“That’s crazy!” Ian shouted. “In Part 4, we-” Then Ian paused to take a deep breath. “I don’t remember what happened in Part 4 either.”

“And we may never know,” Steve replied.

“What do you mean?” Ian asked.

“Look at the next sentence.”

To be continued…

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