Goodbye, Soundcloud.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been creating my own electronic music as a hobby. I have come up with literally hundreds of tracks covering a wide range of genres, from soothing New Age sounds to deafening rock ‘n’ roll. Then I decided to share my music with the world but needed the appropriate platform. I thought Soundcloud was that ideal platform.

Sadly, my overall experience with Soundcloud has been disappointing. For a site with such large traffic, I don’t think my music got much exposure there. I think Soundcloud is more suited for independent artists and career musicians rather than amateur hobbyists like myself. No wonder my music barely got noticed.

Adding insult to injury was the comment spam my tracks got. I was hoping for some encouraging feedback but I only got responses from fake users whose accounts were later deleted. Boasting of winning the Ass of the Year award for the fifth year in a row hardly qualifies as feedback.

I have deleted my account on Soundcloud and will not upload my music anywhere again.

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