Face the Music: A Life Exposed.

Face the Music: A Life Exposed is an autobiography penned by Paul Stanley, frontman of the legendary rock band KISS. Here he opens up and shares his story of his quest for rock and roll glory, and it becomes clear that that quest has not been a smooth one.

He describes his traumatic childhood as a result of a birth defect that left him deaf in one ear. Here I had to stop reading for a minute to ponder this revelation. I’ve known Paul Stanley nearly all my life yet I never knew about his birth defect. Born deaf in one ear but he still went on to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. Talk about chasing your dream to the fullest. My admiration for him went through the roof yet I was still on the first chapter.

The book goes on to detail Stanley’s early days of his music career before forming the band known as KISS. With each success came new challenges, onstage and off, that took him on a wild roller coaster ride of blissful highs and dreadful lows. Along the way he picked up some valuable lessons about finding your own happiness, and when I reached the last chapter I could sense he’s truly happy now and can now look back on his life with pride.

The biggest takeaway I got from the book was the line “It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself.” I will always remember that long after having finished this wonderful book. It truly touched me like no other book I’ve read.

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