Here’s one of my early works, written around 1986. I find it strange how I was able to foresee the LCD technology we use today.

Symbol of a growing country
Bored with the present,
Excited about the future.

There is a machine, a small machine
That rides on a plastic strip
In a book.
It is called Vox
And it teaches
People to read
To speak foreign languages
To recognize shapes
And more.
It is shaped like a box
And has a wheel pair in the rear
And up front
Is a needle
That works like
A record player.
The plastic strip in the book
Is like the record, being run over by the needle.
People hear, thanks to Vox,
“Te gusta nadar?
Do you like to swim?”

The bell rings
And the doors lock at the school
A boy runs up and finds himself
Out of the building.
He reaches for his wallet
And takes out a passcard
And inserts it in the Hall Monitor,
A machine that unlocks the front doors
When it receives the passcard.
The doors open
And the boy walks in,
The doors close and lock
With the boy safe and sound
After the Monitor gives the card back

In the city
A man inserts a quarter
At a booth
And doors open
And the man walks in.
Doors close.
And, a LCD map turns on
And the map has on
A huge map of New York City
And the man presses Manhattan on the map
The screen clears
And Manhattan has a lot of streets
And the man presses the MENU button
The screen clears
And lists things of interest by category
The man presses its button
And the screen clears
And it lists the restaurants-
The Naked Sword Japanese Restaurant!
He presses it
And the screen clears
A copy of the screen on paper comes out
The man takes it
And the doors close as he exits
To dine elegantly

They change us greatly.
For more information, dream.

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