Camp Bratville, Part 2.

MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1976
Yo shook all the tents until they fell
Everyone felt the tents like hell,
But Yo cracked her whip so hard
Even was it heard at 3 times far.
Yo gave them stale cereal and rotten fruit
The breakfast was now in pursuit
That had things that were nice and sweet
They were going to miss that breakfast treat.
Yo gave them a long, boring lecture,
And doubled it at the sneeze of Hector.
“Treat your parents with kind respect,
You can never tell what you may expect.
Your parents may have a fight or a divorce,
Your kind behavior keeps it from worse.
So, why are you sitting there looking dumb,
When the fights are determined by one,
That’s you! You, you brats who are bad
Start the Bratville’s goodness fad!”
She ran her eyes around the room,
Suddenly at the sight of Herbert Loom,
She felt a desire for passion and love,
For that little 8 year old brat
Love and passion would settle that.
She spoke on, “So remember the golden rule
Like others yea and they’ll like yea too!”
Then she lowered her voice and spoke to Herb
“Herb, my love, I want to see you, Herb
After my lecture, baby, after my lecture,
At least that stupid sneeze by Hector
Didn’t keep us here that long,
Or your head, baby, would go bong!”
Everyone howled and laughed and yelled
Yo kept ringing her aluminum bell.
But the commotion was extremely great
They kept on attacking Yo’s big plate
Meanwhile, Herb was blushing a hot red
Strong embarrassment did he dread.
That night, Herb was found in bed,
Yo entered and all her weight,
Lifted Herb’s side into the air.
“I love you baby all the way,
Let’s do something good today.”
Said Herb, “Yes, Yo, I comment,
Please get out of my precious tent!”
After much lengthy prying,
Yo ran outside fast, crying.

To be continued…

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