Camp Bratville, Part 3.

TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1976

Yo was in a disastrous mood
She hated Herb all she could
Every time she saw him pass
She would yell off her little mass.
Herb tried to apologize and talk,
But Yo suggested he go and take a walk.
Yo announced, “Tomorrow is Family Night,
And we’re going to have a fire fight.
Tell your parents to bring some foil
Lots and lots and lots of foil.
Aha! I’m only kidding, of course.
Don’t you panic, that only makes it worse.
So, why are you dilly-dallying and wasting time?
Let’s show Mom and Dad your sense of pride
Show them what they ought to get-
Show them our best etiquette!”
“Yeah,” said Herb. “Let’s show their kids
How ugly Yolanda really is.”
“YAK!” screamed Yo. “YAK YAK YAK!
Everyone at that time fled real far
They hated this Yo even more.
But Yo kept yelling YAK YAK YAK
They doubted whether they would come back.
To Yo’s delight and the kid’s dismay
Nothing else happened that day.


The kids spent most of the day
Preparing for the campfire today.
Then, that night, the kids were glad
To see their own Mom and Dad.
And most of them, in addition,
Hid behind Mom and Dad for protection.
Yo announced, “Welcome to our fire.
My name is Yo, the fatso you hired.
Let us sing many a song and song
Because in this event, nothing goes wrong!”
Then Yo lit a small fire in the center
Many people stared at it, which was all gender,
Yo said, “Now let’s see our kinds and banners,
Who will all show you their good manners!”
The kids ran outside and made their faces
The parents were getting mad at Yo’s paces.
One man yelled, “You dirty Yo! Look at my son!
It looks as if he didn’t have any fun!”
Yo said, “He’s doing it all right on purpose,
He did everything he could to hurt all us.”
The boy yelled, “That’s a lie! I’m innocent!
My mom and dad wasted every cent!
Mom and dad are the best teachers
They always make us really learn!”
Yo said, “No, that’s false. I had many years
Working as a friendly volunteer-”
“Liar!” yelled a girl, and the crowd uproared.
Nobody there must have been bored!
The plots kept getting faster and faster,
The Family Night fun ended in disaster.


Early the next day, the campers rose
And sneaked over to the tent that was Yo’s
And reached inside and gently picked her up high
And they walked with her on their thigh
They carried her to the Takestoo
And tossed her in it, too.
She landed with a tremendous plop
Never again did she reach the top
She was dead from drowning and did they care?
No! They packed up their stuff and ran clear.
Mom and Dad picked them up and drove them home
They were glad to have new kids in their home.

So, Camp Bratville should not be used
People, hearing legends, have been abused
By the terrors of this haunting camp
No longer are hearts quite damp.
Now Yo, ever since she died,
The Takestoo became overdried.

The End

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