Nonsense unlimited.

And they applauded, and the old man won the contest.
Scream which shook everybody in the room,
After five minutes, he let out a bloody
The nurses asked. The old man shook his head, and
Said yes. Then the old man stopped. “Is that all?”
She will look like when she is dead. The preacher
In a coffin. She asked the preacher if that is what
Was wandering in the church and seeing a corpse
Me.” He told the story about an old lady who
“Heh-Heh! If you think you’re a winner, listen to
Old Man Phelps. When he was done, the old man said,
The boy told about the well-known story about
Attention in his nursing home and everyone attended.
Him to a contest. It became the center of
For him. One night, a boy came over and challenged
Doctors, visitors, and even relatives. It was a breeze
Stories in the nursing home. He out-scared his nurses,
There was once an old man who could tell the scariest

Note: If this story does not make sense, try reading it from the bottom.

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