The Bronx Cheer Trick.

Here’s one of my earliest short stories.

I have a ten year old brother named Alex. He wasn’t shy, but he always knew when to
act like someone who means business. My father is the mayor of the town of Juno Beach. We were expecting Valerie Yeager that night for dinner. She was hated by all, but she was a tax collector. Fat, ugly, and mean, she was a bad woman. She hated to talk about national issues. But Alex knew what to do. Before the lady came over, he blew up a whoopee cushion and stuck it in the guest chair. Then, Yeager came in. She was in a bad mood. When she came in, she yelled, “What’s for dinner?” without greeting anyone.
“I say!” said Pop. “Have you considered retiring?”
“No!” she screamed, and sat down. She was so heavy the whoopee cushion exploded. She jumped up and screamed, “I’ve resigned! I’ve resigned!”
“Good job, Alex.” said Pop.
Alex could only smile.

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