A world like mine.

What if everyone acted the same way you do?

I had difficulty getting to work because of Northlake being full of reckless drivers. That was only the start of my day. As I left my driveway of my apartment complex, an approaching car made like it was going to ram into my car, but it steered clear in time. As the car passed, its driver stuck his middle finger up at me. I did nothing. This was my punishment, to be in a world full of people like me.

As I drove on Northlake, I saw that there were drivers standing outside their cars at the traffic lights, screaming, “Can I go now? Huh? HUH? CAN I GO NOW?” When the light turned green, all the drivers stuck up their middle fingers at the traffic light, got back in their cars and drove on.

The driving was horrible. All the other cars were speeding and making like they were going to hit each other. Amazingly, there were no accidents.

When I arrived at the hospital to clock in, I was unprepared for what was to see. As soon as I walked into the business office, I saw a moron being chased by Blanca, who was throwing batches of charges the moron had dropped off. “You ugly moron!” she screamed. “If you can’t count these charges right, go back to the zoo where you belong!” She paused. “Next to the MONKEYS!”

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