I left too soon to find out.

That night, as I lay in the bushes trying to sleep, I had a dream. I flew back to the world, this cruel world I had just left. What impact did my departure have on this? I decided to find out.

I flew to the hospital. It was still dark, so I thought Sam might be working. She wasn’t. She was promoted to hardware technician, my job. But what about the night shift? There is no more night shift. As I walked into the computer room, I saw that the dayend was running, but with no human operators in sight. It was all automated. I saw mechanical, robotic arms switch the tapes to prepare for the backups to come. I learned that the reports were distributed via e-mail now. Candace did it. Had I stayed, she might have granted my one wish to have weekends and holidays free. But I left too soon to find out.

My next stop was my apartment. It was still my place in spite of my eviction. I was in for a shocker. My apartment was gone. It was transformed into the landlord’s residence. Now the landlord can live and work in one spot. She could just open a door from what used to be my room and walk straight to her office. And the office got expanded to allow more room to walk. Best of all, she quit smoking. As I continued the exploration of my old residence, I learned that the residents who chased me out of my apartment were all evicted, too. The people who moved in were a nicer bunch. One neighbor was in the same class with me in high school. My next door neighbor was to play a role in helping me land the perfect job. And where would I have been moved to? I left too soon to find out.

Then I thought of my family. I flew to Tequesta to my parents’ house. The old house was still there. Except a playground stood in the backyard. Near the swings was a pond, which had some goldfish swimming in it. I went inside the house to find a completely different family living there. My parents were gone. They sold the house and moved. But to where? I left too soon to find out.

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