The ball inside the can of spray paint.

For the longest time I’ve wondered what that little ball inside a can of spray paint looks like. Today I got to find out.

Earlier in the day, a coworker driving a forklift accidentally ran over one of the cans of spray paint he was using to mark the date on some newly arrived pallets of mulch. There was a loud bang that left an indelible green stain on the pavement.

Later in the afternoon, I visited the scene of the smooshing to recover the flattened spray can. As I took a closer look at the can, I noticed there was a circular bulge near the bottom, which indicated the presence of the ball. After some careful prying, I got the ball out and wiped the excess paint off. Here’s what it looks like.


Yes, inside every can of spray paint is a free glass marble. Be careful getting it out, though.

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