After the funeral.

I still am in a great deal of shock from what happened yesterday after the funeral.

We were all in attendance at the restaurant for the reception, quietly exchanging memories over a somber lunch when suddenly there was a deafening crash as a car drove through the side of the restaurant where we were seated. Tables were overturned and chairs flew in the midst of a huge cloud of dust that shrouded the room in confusion.

However, as the dust began to settle to reveal a fresh perspective on the unfolding situation, the sight awaiting us was more horrifying than we could ever imagine.

That was not a car that crashed into the restaurant.

It was a coffin.

The lid was wide open, allowing us to see the deceased body inside, in fact the same one just buried at the funeral an hour earlier. The chaos and fear escalated to incomprehensible levels.

Then something outside the window caught my eye.

There, standing in the parking lot, was the mysterious old woman in black, the same woman I saw in the distance at the cemetery. She turned around, took one step towards the trees, and disappeared.

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