Phone hijack alert.

If you have a smart phone, there is a very high likelihood of your phone getting hijacked by an intruder using a streaming video signal that disrupts your phone’s normal operations. I know this because my phone has just been similarly attacked.

A few days ago I wanted to use my phone but couldn’t because of a continuous video stream that was initiated by the hijacker and there was no way to turn it off, not even after using the power button. I could remove the battery but when I put it back in and turned the phone back on, it resumed receiving the hijacker’s video stream.

Apparently the video stream originated from the hijacker’s phone, where I could see his face and hear him speak. The only thing he said was “Where can I find the poles at?” and nothing else, not even after I pleaded with him to terminate the video stream that kept me from using my phone.

It went on like this for several days. I was hoping the hijacker would soon become tired and sign off, but on occasion I saw him wave a can of some well-known energy drink before taking a sip. Each time I tried asking him what he was doing, he always replied with, “Where can I find the poles at?”

Today, I finally figured out the hijacker’s riddle and said “Poland.” The hijacker let out a loud belch before finally terminating the intruding stream to restore my phone to normal.

The scary part is that when I ran a security scan on my phone, no malware was found. That means an attack like the one I just witnessed could happen again at anytime. And who knows what riddle the hijacker will have then.

Don’t worry, this is only fiction. At least for now.

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