The GPS that knew too much.

I sat staring at the GPS on my dashboard in disbelief. It had long been able to analyze traffic light patterns and real-time traffic conditions to calculate my time of arrival at my destination with uncanny accuracy. On some mornings it would report that I would be at work in 19 minutes, other mornings 22 minutes. Sometimes it would even warn me of a lengthy commute so I could seek an alternative route.

But not this morning.

My GPS wasn’t showing the estimated time of arrival at all. That section of the screen was blank. It still reported that traffic was very light,so I was certain I was in for a swift drive to work. But why wasn’t it showing what time I would get there?

A few minutes later, I was on the interstate to begin my commute. Suddenly one of my front tires blew and I lost control of my car. I veered sharply off the road, across the median and directly into the path of an approaching tractor trailer. There was a loud crunching of metal before I saw and heard no more.

I never made it to work that morning. Somehow my GPS knew that.

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