The Asshole On Vacation.

He’s the type who’s desperate to escape reality
He finds a place to go so he can pack his bags and flee
And off he goes to get away without a hesitation
Beware of the arrival of the Asshole On Vacation

As soon as he arrives in town he has nowhere to go
So he’ll head out on the highway and then drive extremely slow
He’s done his part to add on to the daily aggravation
No wonder everybody hates the Asshole On Vacation

He’s focused on his mission to get lost along the way
So he’ll stop and ask directions 15 thousand times a day
All the while he’s getting his much needed relaxation
It’s difficult to understand the Asshole On Vacation

Reality soon beckons and it’s time for him to leave
He makes his quick departure to our overjoyed relief
Until we know how to handle this awkward situation
Never make eye contact with the Asshole On Vacation

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