The end of Kevin.

“Good morning, Robert,” Kevin greeted as he entered the office.

“Good morning,” Robert muttered.

“Great day to be alive, isn’t it?”

Not so much for you, Robert thought as he watched Kevin walk into his office and close the door behind him before drawing the blinds closed. He absolutely dreaded what was about to happen that morning.

Then Robert looked out the window and gasped. There was Charles walking across the parking lot towards the office building while carrying a large bag. Charles was furious with Kevin for refusing to order some special software that could process patient orders on the hospital’s network while being light on system resources, something of benefit to the antiquated network. Never mind that the network would run more reliably, never mind that the staff would spend more time at home to save their marriages, no, Kevin thought it was better to renew the maintenance contract that barely kept the network running despite promising he would order the software. That was all Charles could take before reaching his breaking point.

Before Robert knew it, the door to the office opened and in walked Charles, still carrying the large bag. Charles stopped to look at the door to Kevin’s office.

“Is Kevin here?” Charles asked, nodding towards the door.

“Yes,” Robert gulped.

“Cover your ears,” Charles replied as he placed the bag on the floor to unzip it open. “This is going to be loud.”

Then Charles pulled out a 6FU Mine Launcher, a weapon so dangerous that it was illegal to possess anywhere in the world. Robert’s eyes widened with horror, much to Charles’s amusement. Charles then prepared his weapon for firing and used it to break the glass on Kevin’s door. Only the closed blinds served as protective barriers now.

Without warning Charles began to fire into Kevin’s office, launching tennis ball sized projectiles that exploded on contact with their targets. There were deafening explosions and smoke along with flying fragments of flesh and metal. After the last shot was fired, Charles quickly picked up his bag and fled the office, forever a fugitive and never to be seen again.

Robert slowly emerged from under his desk that served as shelter during the attack. His heart pounding, he cautiously walked to Kevin’s office to survey the damage, and as soon as he saw the aftermath, he immediately felt nauseous at the sight of blood and fragments of skin, innards and bones all over the office.

Oh my God. Kevin’s dead.

Meanwhile, in a small dark room deep underground beneath the hospital, Kevin woke up, finding himself lying on a small couch.

“What happened?” Kevin asked.

“Your life was in danger,” Agent X replied as he entered the room. “We pulled you underground in time and put in your place a mannequin bearing your likeness, complete with synthetic skin and blood. The mannequin was completely destroyed during the attack, meaning you are now dead.”

“I was afraid of that,” Kevin sighed.

“Don’t feel bad, for your next mission awaits. However, I must remind you that its secrecy is such that once you learn the details, you can never leave this place alive. Are you all right?”

“I’m fine for someone who just got blown to bits by exploding tennis balls,” Kevin replied as he stood up.

Agent X chuckled. “I see you’ve regained your sense of humor. If you’re ready, follow me.”

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