A ghost town named Galilee.


Not far from where I live in West Palm Beach is an abandoned apartment complex known as Galilee. From what I read about it, it was built with independence-driven seniors in mind and looked ready to open when it suddenly became abandoned and a modern-day ghost town.

During a recent bike ride, I decided to ride through Galilee and take some pictures along the way. Even when abandoned, the apartments themselves look cozy and inviting despite the excess vegetation. I noticed the buildings have what look like elevators to help those in wheelchairs go upstairs with ease.


I went up the stairs of one of the buildings for a look around. Those seeking employment involving the removal of yard waste are in for some pretty hefty paychecks.


Towards the back of the complex is a swimming pool. Doesn’t the water look inviting?


On the back door of one of the buildings is some graffiti with a warning.


On the side of the same building is a window sill with the window missing. It was too high up for me to look inside, so I held up my camera and took a picture without seeing what was inside. Only after I got home to download the pictures from my camera did I realize I had taken a picture of a bathroom.


I’m not sure what happened to cause Galilee to become abandoned but hopefully someday it’ll be restored and revived. This does look like a nice place to live.

UPDATE: I recently drove by this development and there appears to be an effort underway to revive it as a new community named Maridadi At West Palm Beach. Hopefully it will fare better than Galilee ever did.

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  1. Evroy Grant says:

    I was just there this week, want to know what went wrong!

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