Kevin’s business trip, concluded.

Kevin went downstairs to the bar at the motel where he was staying. He just needed a quiet place to sort things out and to find a way out of his worsening situation.

As soon as Kevin walked into the bar, the bartender could tell there was something wrong from Kevin’s sullen face.

“Rough day at the casino?” the bartender asked.

“No,” Kevin sighed as he took his seat at the counter. “It’s worse.”

“What’s troubling you, friend?”

“I was sent here to Las Vegas to attend an important convention but I slept all day and missed it. I may not have a job when I get home,” Kevin explained.

“Which convention?”

“The National Conference of Information Technology Management.”

Then the bartender’s face lit up with a smile. “Come with me,” he said.

Confused, Kevin followed the bartender to the far corner of the bar where a small group of people were seated and watching a man give a lecture.

“Here’s another one for you,” the bartender announced. After a short round of greetings, the lecturer motioned Kevin to sit with the rest of the group.

“Welcome,” the lecturer said, “So you missed the National Conference of Information Technology Management?”

“Yes, I did,” Kevin nervously replied.

“So did these people,” the lecturer said before turning to the group, “Tell our friend here why you missed the convention.”

The others spoke up.

“My flight was delayed.”

“I got lost on the way.”

“I had car problems.”

“I spent too much time at the casino.”

Kevin felt an overwhelming sense of relief that immediately put him at ease.

Then the lecturer continued, “But don’t worry, by the time we finish this meeting, you won’t have missed a thing from the convention.”

As the meeting progressed, everyone recieved pamphlets, booklets and transcripts from the convention along with a detailed summary of the day’s events. By the time the meeting ended, Kevin felt better thinking he’d get to keep his hide after all. Of course, he’d be coming home a day late but that was the least of his worries now.

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