The decision.

Ralala was seated on the bench in the park, long since darkened by the setting sun. Soon she would see the two whom she loved the most, but alas, she could choose only one. The deadline was approaching and Ralala was still in agony. She was nowhere closer to deciding than she was 2 years ago when she met the two handsome vampires, both oozing with charm and irresistible passion.

“Ralala,” came a voice from the bushes, “Listen not to your mind over such matters.” Greyphx emerged. “Long you have agonized over the two of us. It should be clear which one is the better half.”

“Oh, Greyphx,” Ralala cried. “I do love you so. But my heart has reservations over your true loyalty.”

“Ralala! You surprise me.” Greyphx replied. “My loyalty to you is immeasurable. Surely you see that.”

“Liar!” yelled Tromas, who was lurking nearby. “Your loyalty can be measured by a cheap plastic ruler!”

“Nonsense,” Greyphx retorted. “Surely one who yells can’t yet hear the true voice of the heart.”

“If you know what’s best for you,” Tromas growled, “Then you had best confess who is your truest love of all, but it is not even close to the love you profess to Ralala!”

“Ralala is my one and only love,” proclaimed Greyphx.

“LIAR!” Tromas bellowed.

“As if shouting will help Ralala decide,” hissed Greyphx.

“Stop it! Both of you!” screamed Ralala. “Keep fighting and I will choose neither one of you!”

Immediately Greyphx and Tromas ceased their shouting. The two of them casually strolled to Ralala, still seated at her bench.

“I have reached my decision,” Ralala announced. “My heart has only one room for one, true love and it is demonstrated through loyalty, compassion and devotion. For you see, through the years, I have been testing the both of you. Yes, the kidnappings, the wars, the apocalypse, all of them, were tests.”

“I knew it,” Greyphx spoke up. “I had a feeling there wasn’t much reason to war.”

Ralala held up her hand.

“I’m not done. I am ready to announce my one, true love through which I will spend the rest of eternity.”

The two vampires stood.

“My one true love,” Ralala started.

Pick me, Greyphx thought. I have put my love of you above all else capable of stopping a man in his tracks. Not even fear or the worst of adversity can block my love and devotion to your heart.


Why are you wasting your time when the right choice is staring at you right in the face? Tromas thought. How your name plays like a melody, even the name itself sounds like a song. I have played the melodies of my love on the strings of your heart. And I know all the chords.


“EDUARDE??” screamed Greyphx and Tromas. “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!”

The shadows of a third vampire descended upon the confrontation. A very handsome vampire of a man stepped out in all his glory, his heart glowing with desire for Ralala, humbled to have been chosen,

“Why Eduarde?” screamed Tromas, “Where did he come from?”

Ralala spoke up. “Eduarde has been there for me, to comfort me, to sooth me, and has been at my side while you two were fighting over who was to rescue me, to save me, to prevent my heart from sinking into despair.”

“We’ve never seen him, not once!” protested Greyphx.

“That’s because the only thing you did see was the whites in your enemy’s eyes,” Ralala said. Smiling, she turned to Eduarde. “Take me away into the night. Show me more of the truest devotion you swear upon my heart.”

Eduarde replied, “You will not be disappointed, for there are more verses to sing of our love.”

With that, Eduarde and Ralala took off as a single shadow piercing the night, never to be seen again.

Greyphx and Tromas stood, staring at each other with fury.

“You!” screamed Tromas, baring his fangs.

“YOU!” Greyphx bellowed, charging at Tromas.

The two furious vampires charged at one another, their fangs aimed at each other’s necks. Once in place, the two proceeded to suck the life out of their bodies transformed into empty bags of bones. Then the sun came up and the morning breeze blew the last of the two vampires away, never for them to meet again.

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