Mad at the world.

Undisputedly, they are the single loudest and most violent group in rock. Anguished are both revered and hated for their reckless attitude and deafening music. Not to mention their devastating concerts featuring pyrotechnics, explosions and self-inflicted injuries. It’s what fans of Anguished have come to expect and year after year, they deliver.

They have just released I Hate Your Guts, their fifth studio album that features the usual blasts of severely distorted guitars, basses, drums and the usual scorching vocals from lead singer Braf Bagg. Make no mistake about it, Anguished still have their signature sound but years of recording and touring have taken a heavy toll on the members. All of them have lost their hearing from years of deafening music but the members have no regrets. The members of Anguished agreed to sit down for this rare interview and after 15 years as a band, are just as reckless as their music.

GUITAR WORLD: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

BRAF BAGG: Yeah, whatever. What the hell do you need to know?

GUITAR WORLD: Well, I can see you’re just as reckless offstage as you are on.

BRAF BAGG: Is that a problem? What, you want me to act MATURE?

GUITAR WORLD: We’ll get back to you in a minute. Gead, (Luitar, lead guitarist) can you dispel the long running rumors that you really don’t know how to play the guitar?

GEAD LUITAR: You really think I’m gonna answer that question? Fuck off. (gets up and leaves)

GUITAR WORLD: Okay, thank you for that. Pass (Glayer, bassist), can you cite some of the influences behind your band’s sound.

PASS GLAYER: (sarcastically) Gee, how about, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! (gets up and leaves. Drummer Prum Dlayer follows suit.)

BRAF BAGG: What the hell did you do that for!

GUITAR WORLD: What? We ask these questions of every band. Nothing wrong with that.

BRAF BAGG: We’ve got a major problem with that. (stands up) I’m ready to close this stupid interview. (sits down) All right. One more question.

GUITAR WORLD: Why do you play your music so loud?

BRAF BAGG: Good bye. (gets up and leaves)

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