Murder at the mansion.

“Hoo boy, another one,” Officer Wilson said as he surveyed the scene of the crime. There, lying face down with a sword protruding from his back, was the victim, none other than the mansion’s rightful owner.

“I wonder who’s going to tackle this one,” wondered Officer Stevens.

“Why, none other than Sam Queasy.”

“Him? He can’t stand the sight of corpses.”

“Yes, but his logic and deductive powers are second to none. He’ll solve the mystery.”

Just then, the doors to the library opened, and there stood Sam Queasy, the greatest detective in the world. He began surveying the crime scene but when his eyes descended on the corpse, he turned white and fled the crime scene. A second later, a door slammed. Queasy had locked himself in the bathroom.

“Mr. Queasy?” Officer Wilson was knocking on the door. “You can come out now. The butler confessed to the murder.”

“And the body?” Queasy shouted from the bathroom.

“It’s gone. We removed it. It’s okay to come out now.”

The bathroom door opened and Sam Queasy emerged triumphantly. “Another crime solved by the great Sam Queasy.”

With that, he left the mansion, leaving everyone in awe.

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