Nightmare Chaser.

Ian looked up in response at the opening door, and in walked his doctor into the examination room. After a brief greeting, the doctor sat down to commence the appointment.

“So you’ve been having nightmares, eh?” the doctor asked while thumbing through his notes.

“Yes,” Ian sighed. “I have them every single night.”

All the more to keep me strong.

“Interesting,” the doctor replied. “It could be any one from a set of given factors, such as poor nutrition, stress, or lack of exercise.”

Actually, it’s none of the above. Are you sure you’re a real doctor?

“I’m sure it’s all of those.” Ian said.

“We’ll remedy them one at a time, starting with your diet.”

That does it. I’m going in.

Suddenly the lights went out as an eerie blue glow illuminated a sinister looking man entering the examination room. He was dressed entirely in black, his hair slicked back in a ponytail and his face partially concealed by the sunglasses on his rugged, goateed face.

“What are you doing?” Nightmare Maker snarled.

“Sorry,” Ian whimpered. “I’m tired of these nightmares.”

“What, so you think you can go to your doctor for treatment? That’s a serious violation of our partnership, remember?”

“Partnership,” Ian chortled.

“Yes, partnership. I make the nightmares, you make the fear that feeds me. You’re in it for life, bub. By the way, if this treatment of yours causes me to disappear in any way, I’m taking you with me. No way am I going alone!”

As if on cue there was a shrill scream from nowhere that jolted Ian awake, much to the annoyance of his doctor.


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