The worst sentence of all.

The courtroom was packed with spectators for the sentencing. They were all seething with fury at the man who was just convicted of a crime so hideous that it had everyone wishing the worst for him. They could only hope the judge shared their wrath too.

Then the judge entered and everyone rose to their feet, pleased with the angry look on the judge’s face when he eyed the convict who was now at his mercy. After the judge motioned for everyone to sit down, a tense silence began to hang over the courtroom.

“Nothing I can do can punish this man enough,” the judge announced. “Therefore I must depart from the usual sentencing process and condemn this heartless criminal to a punishment of which this world has never seen.

“I hereby sentence this man to be ground into powder to be mixed with clay for making wall tiles for a public restroom.”

“No!” the convict protested loudly.

“Right next to the toilets.”


The convict had to be restrained during his tumultuous exit from the courtroom, his screams masked by thunderous applause.

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