Random insults.

Here are some insults randomly generated by another AutoIt script I wrote that uses 5 arrays containing various nouns and adjectives to create a devastating arsenal of verbal weaponry for use in a wide range of unpleasant situations. Rest assured they will all leave your victim speechless.

You’re a ridiculous geek who wears retarded horse sauce.
You’re a ridiculous loafer who collects melted beat chips.
You’re a smelly, rotting clown who collects worthless bed sweat.
You’re an ugly lardhead full of rejected jelly water.
You’re a boring dummy who washes in rotting chair hair.
You’re a rotten numbskull who spits out worthless onion mud.
You’re a slimy, slippery old toliet full of radioactive computer mud.
You’re a rotten loser stuffed with replusive garlic water.
You’re a cheap waste dump full of rotting jelly glop.
You’re a rotten loser stuffed with cheap cow sweat.
You’re a worthless balloon full of green poop mud.
You’re a disgusting lardhead full of slippery bed sandwiches.
You’re a sickening geek who wears disgusting bed sauce.
You’re a careless numbskull who spits out ugly smoke hair.
You’re a sickening bummer who eats dark wax glop.
You’re a worthless geek who wears dark dog paper.
You’re a slimy, slippery customer who buys shredded chair hair.
You’re a disgusting loser stuffed with dark poop roadkill.
You’re a slimy, slippery numbskull who spits out dark computer glop.
You’re a trashy , sickening fool who faxes cheap poop sweat.

Let me know when you use these up. There’s plenty more where these came from.

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