Some generated poems.

The following poems were generated by an AutoIt script containing arrays of 200 adjectives, 200 nouns and 40 possible ways to start a line of poetry. When the script is run, it randomly selects items from each array to generate the poems and then writes them to an HTML file for uploading to the Web. Even the page colors are randomly generated. This may seem like cheating, but every so often we just need a little push in the right direction. The results are interesting, if not surreal.

sing about foggy laughter
because difficult clouds
of sparkling horizons
about simple chords

is it not horrible dreams
his soft airport
life is lowering memories
the running drama
listening to the tired replies
without tall answers
without flexible beds
his dreaming drama
beside the sour sentences
thinking about triangular computer
watching the blind sandwich

of double answers
like lyrical patience
waiting for the triangular money
or hilarous romance
watching the doubtful hate
waiting for the blind streets
on top of molten offense

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