During the surgery.

Right now I’m in a waiting room at the hospital. It’s a nice small room with comfortable chairs, a TV and a computer with Internet access. Along the wall is a radio playing some soothing music. There’s also a rack with magazines to keep my mind occupied, but I’m more interested in the computer. I can browse the web, check out the latest headlines and get the weather forecast, just like at home. Oh yeah, and type this blog post.

On the wall across from where I’m sitting is another TV screen, but this one has a list of all the surgeries in progress. And there I am, in room 2. There’s nothing more to do but wait and hope everything goes well. In the meantime I look around the waiting room and see if there’s anything else I can do besides wait. Maybe one more trip to the Web to check my email.


I just heard a soft beep coming from the screen. I look up to see the newly updated list and to my delight, I can see they’re finally finished in Room 2. I also see a smiley face next to my name, which indicates the surgery was a success. I still don’t know why I was so nervous in the first place.

I float out of the waiting room and return to my body in the surgical recovery area.

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