Attacked during the night.

I was lying in bed last night trying to sleep when my ears alerted me that I was no longer alone in the dark. I heard a rapid tap-tap-tap coming from the front of my bedroom and it was getting louder.

And then I saw it, the most horrifying sight. A glowing green, extremely cheap Halloween mask came hovering towards me while producing the rapid tapping noise I heard moments before. As it came closer I saw it had stickers for eyes and crudely sculpted bumps of plastic for the open mouth and exposed teeth. Wow, I thought, this mask is CHEAP. Suddenly the mask flew towards my bed and I screamed as it swooped close to my head before retreating to the opposite corner of my bedroom.

A tense silence followed, and I began to wonder if the mask was gone. A few minutes later, the rapid tapping noise resumed and the mask suddenly reappeared, dashing at me before hovering menacingly over my bed. I let out another scream and again it retreated to the corner.

Later, the mask re-appeared once again and began approaching my bed before it suddenly dropped to the floor. I waited to see what would happen next, but there was only silence instead. I cautiously looked over the edge of my bed and saw the mask on the floor with one of its eye stickers missing. Curious, I reached out to pick it up, but an arm from under the bed quickly appeared and pulled the mask out of sight.

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