A most interesting dream.

I usually don’t share details of what I dream about on this blog, but last night I had a particularly interesting dream that I deem worthy of sharing.

I dreamt I was walking through a mall when I passed by a booth with a vendor selling a rather unusual stereo system. The speakers were clear plastic spheres the size of soccer balls with live goldfish swimming inside. The music was playing and rumbling out of the speakers at the base of the spheres. Poor goldfish.

The speakers respond to your touch and varies the music being played. Touch the speaker once and you hear only the drums. Another press of the speaker and you hear the bass accompanying the drums. Each successive press brings in the guitar, keyboards and vocals. It is possible to hear only the drum and vocals or even the vocals by themselves. The playback possibilities are endless.

The saleslady asked me if I was interested in buying one of the stereo systems but I asked her how many albums worked with it. There couldn’t have been too many that did, so buying one wouldn’t have been a wise decision.

And then I saw the large tank of goldfish nearby. It had no cover on it so I could see them swimming around by the dozens. I was holding my hand above the water, moving my fingers to see them respond when suddenly an aggressive goldfish jumped out of the water and bit my finger. I shook it off and it fell to the floor, and I picked it up to put it back in the tank.

Maybe someday stereo systems will have the ability to vary the playback of your favorite songs but without any crazed goldfish attacking your fingers.

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