Astronomy 101.

I love reading books on astronomy. There’s something very soothing about lying on the couch and reading about the stars and the planets that hover directly overhead. I get that sensation that we’re ultimately just a small spot in a vast universe. A perfect thought to fall asleep by.

Astronomy 101: From the Sun and Moon to Wormholes and Warp Drive, Key Theories, Discoveries, and Facts about the Universe is one of the best books on astronomy I’ve read so far. It takes you on a tour of our solar system and beyond while covering some of the other interesting aspects of space, such as black holes and other galaxies besides our own. This is mind-blowing stuff.

The thing I like best about this book is its plain English approach to astronomy. I may be curious about space but I’m not a rocket scientist either and don’t need the incomprehensible scientific jargon. This book spares us that jargon and gives us the basics of astronomy in a clear, easy-to-read style of writing. The writing just flows and takes you along for the ride.

Astronomy 101 may not be a definitive guide to astronomy but it’s an excellent starting point to begin exploring this fascinating subject.

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