The Jai Alai Chronicles.


It was five minutes before game time, and all the visitors were placing wagers on who was going to win the first game. They had 8 players to choose from, but who was the best?

One person knew. Or he thought he did. He was so confident about Player 5’s victory he placed his very life on the line. This man came up to the cashier window and placed his bet. “Here’s a twenty on 5. I also would like to bet my cat, my house, my luxury yacht, my basset hounds and everything I own that good old 5’s gonna win tonight! Besides, he’s got a 2-5 chance of winning!”

After placing the wager, the confident man went to his seat and boasted that 5 would surely win.

The game started. The man sat back calmly, expecting 5 to win.

5 lost the game.

Silence. All eyes in the auditorium fell on the shocked man. He rose slowly to his feet and let out a bloodcurdling scream.


The second game began.

This time, the person to get in trouble was a loud-mouthed heckler who placed his week’s pay on Number 7.

“Come on, we’re talking money, not brain stems, you cockaninny!” he screamed. “Play the hell out of Number 4. Show him what Jai-Alai is!”

He rose to his feet.

“Hit it! Sling it! Fling it! Hey Number 4! How can you play like that when your fly’s undone!”

Player 4 stopped, looked at his pants, and suddenly the pelota struck him in the head. 4 fell to the ground, unconscious. He came to and protested bitterly.

Suddenly, a voice boomed over the intercom. “Will the heckler who made 4 lose please come up to the playing area?”

The heckler stood up and walked into the playing area behind the fence.

He was ordered to stand right in front of the wall. Then, to the audience’s amusement, Player 4 flung the pelota at the heckler, and the ball struck his head off his shoulders.

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