An e-mail from Yahoo?

I got this e-mail today. At first glance it looks pretty serious.

2017-06-21 16_13_12-Inbox - Mozilla Thunderbird

Then the mood switched from serious to suspicious. I took a look at the sender’s email address and noticed it wasn’t a Yahoo address. Even more unusual was the presence of another non-Yahoo address for sending my replies.

Then there’s the question of Yahoo closing my account just because I didn’t do the upgrade, which sounds ludicrous. Yahoo Mail is web based, so there’s really nothing for me to do on my end.

Finally I took a look at the link I’m supposed to click on to verify my account. It pointed to a completely different domain other than Yahoo, so this email was probably a phishing attempt to try getting me to disclose some sensitive data such as my bank account information. Nice try. I seriously doubt Yahoo itself sends out e-mails like this one.

Should you get an email like this, it helps to analyze it like I did. If it sounds suspicious, it probably is.

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