The Crisis of the Month Club.

“Oh no,” I moaned as I opened the front door,”not another one.”

“But sir,” the delivery man huffed as he struggled to hold an oversized package, “this is your Crisis of the Month delivery for this month!”

“Can you send it back?” I asked. “I’m still working on the last one they sent me.”

“Sorry, I can’t keep this in my truck any longer. It’s too big,” the delivery man exclaimed as he dropped the package at my feet before leaving. “Have a nice day.”

I sighed and struggled to bring the package inside but there wasn’t room for it anywhere. My living room was already badly cluttered with boxes of previously delivered Crises of the Month I was still trying to resolve. And now here I was, stuck with yet another crisis as if I didn’t have enough to worry about already, at least not without another Worry of the Day that’s being delivered later today.

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