Kevin the defendant.

Kevin nervously stared at the floor as the prospective jurors filed into the courtroom. After everyone took their seats, Kevin too sat down along with his attorneys while still staring at the floor.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” the judge announced. “You have all been called in to help us assemble a jury to try the defendant, Mr. Kevin Smith. In order to ensure that Mr. Smith gets a fair trial, I must ask this one question. Does anyone here recognize the defendant?”

“I do,” spoke a familiar voice. “He’s my boss.”

Kevin’s eyes shot up and glanced at the face behind the voice. There was Charles, Kevin’s co-worker and manager of the Information Systems department, present in the courtroom to be considered for the jury. Kevin conferred with his attorneys to address this unexpected situation.

“Is this correct?” asked the judge.

“Yes, your honor,” one of Kevin’s attorneys replied. “The defendant does recognize this gentleman as one of his co-workers.”

“I’m really hurt, Kevin,” Charles spoke up. “Had I known you were going on trial, I would’ve been more than willing to testify on your behalf. But no, I might very well be placed on a jury that may convict you instead. So help me, I might just testify for the prosecution!”

“You are dismissed, sir,” the judge ordered. To Kevin’s relief, Charles was escorted out of the courtroom as a brief recess was called to fill the sudden vacancy in the jury pool. Curiously, one of the prosecutors also left the courtroom.

Charles was walking down the hallway towards the elevator when he heard a voice.

“Can we talk?” asked the prosecutor.

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