Executive order sends Washington into turmoil.

WASHINGTON – The already chaotic atmosphere around Washington was transformed into pure chaos when President Trump signed a new executive order that sent lawmakers, politicians, judges and fast food workers scrambling to decipher its meaning. The executive order, containing the words “A booga booga booga”, was signed by President Trump yesterday and was ordered to go into effect immediately. However, the order was greeted by confusion and chaos as no one knew exactly what it meant and how to enforce it.

An uncomfortable silence hung over Congress during marathon sessions as lawmakers could only sit silently and shake their heads when asked to implement the so-called “Booga order”. Some senators were seen holding the printout of the order sideways and upside down in an attempt to make any sense of the words without success. Others tried reading it without their glasses.

“We’re not having much luck here,” sighed a frustrated senator who requested anonymity. “We tried reaching the White House for clarification but the only response we got was ‘You already know’. This is getting more confusing by the minute.”

Federal judges were not having much luck with the Booga order either. Courtrooms across the country were packed with politicians and journalists eager for the judge’s interpretation but all that was heard was the sound of muffled flatulence from the bench.

In the meantime, President Trump expressed his frustration with an angry televised speech from the Oval Office. “What are you nincompoops waiting for?” Trump roared. “A booga booga!” Then he screamed a final “BOOGA!” while hitting his desk so hard that it broke in half.

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