My bad day at work.

At work today I was stocking merchandise on the top shelf at the store where I work. Things were going smoothly until I cut open a box containing plastic bottles of vinegar. My blade went too far into the box and punctured one of the bottles and the next thing I knew, there was vinegar gushing out of the box.

On the shelf below the vinegar are boxes of baking soda. When the vinegar made contact with the baking soda, a huge, stinging foam was formed and began to spread throughout the shelf before dripping to the floor. I was panicking and trying to contain the foam but things were escalating beyond my control.

Then my boss came by and saw what was happening. Before he could say a word, there was a loud rumble that shook the shelf as more baking soda made contact with the vinegar and produced a giant waterfall of foam that poured down from the shelf. My boss was drenched and began screaming while stumbling backwards. Moments later, his skeleton collapsed on the floor.

So how was your day?

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