Readers respond.

My story about my bad day at work has triggered a flood of responses from readers who have had similarly bad days as mine, maybe worse. A sampling:

I was on a date with my girlfriend at a fancy restaurant and had an enjoyable time until we saw our waiter approaching our table with our food. Moments later his skeleton collapsed on the floor, sending our food crashing and ruining our romantic evening.

I was at work one morning when I said good morning to my boss. Moments later, his skeleton collapsed on the floor.

You think your day was bad, let me tell you about mine. I had just started working at an Italian restaurant and had someone train me on how to prepare the pizza dough. He had the dough spinning above his head when moments later his skeleton collapsed on the floor. I was pretty much clueless the rest of the day.

Your bad day was no worse than mine. It was the last inning of the championship game and we were down by one point. Our hopes were pinned on our star hitter who was up at bat. He managed to hit a home run but moments later his skeleton collapsed on the floor on the way back to home base. He was tagged out and we ended up losing the game.

And finally, some hate mail.

Do you seriously think we’re stupid? How is it possible for one’s skeleton to suddenly collapse on the floor? If you actually did a little research, you’d find out that (text ends here as the sender’s skeleton suddenly collapsed on the floor)

Thanks to everyone who wrote in. I feel better now. Kind of.

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