The steamed macaroni experiment.

Tonight I decided to try an experiment with my steamer. Normally I use it to steam food items like eggs, chicken and vegetables, but I was curious about being able to steam some macaroni for my lunch tomorrow. There was only one way to find out.


The macaroni was small enough to fall between the holes of the steamer basket, so I used the included container that goes inside the steamer itself.


I plugged in the steamer and set it to cook for 30 minutes.


Upon inspection after cooking, I saw that only a few pieces of macaroni were actually cooked, so I set my steamer to cook for an extra 30 minutes.


Even after the extra steaming time the macaroni was still barely cooked. Perhaps this approach wasn’t such a good idea.


I’m not sure what went wrong. Either I didn’t do it right or macaroni just isn’t something that you cook in the steamer. In any case, the macaroni didn’t go to waste and was cooked in the microwave in preparation for my lunch tomorrow.

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