Escaping arrest.

My eyes glanced at the flashing blue lights reflecting from my rear view mirror. I looked out my rear window and sure enough, there was a police car right behind me. Normally a feeling of panic would begin to ensue right about now, but not this time. I knew what to do.

I slowly pulled off to the side of the road and watched as the police car pull over behind me. All of a sudden, a second police car pulled in front of me, followed by a third that stopped beside me. This certainly wasn’t looking good but none of this bothered me. I knew what to do.

Then the police officers jumped out of their cars and ran towards my car with their guns drawn, screaming for me to come out with my hands up. The sight of five officers surrounding my car with their guns pointing at me would have terrified anyone, but actually, none of this bothered me in the least. I knew what to do.

Then three more police cars arrived at the scene as more officers joined in, accompanied by their dogs, barking, growling and stretching their leashes. I was now completely surrounded with no chance of escape. I smiled. Now was the time to implement my plan.

Mocking a sad face, I waved goodbye to the officers now closing in on my car from all directions. Then I opened my eyes, yawned and stretched my arms before reaching to shut off my alarm clock. Then I climbed out of bed to start another day.

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