Another funeral in Chicago, Part 2.

Today is July 17, 2013. Three days before I fly out to Chicago for Oma’s funeral. The week is progressing at a snail’s pace and the wait is agonizing. I am so ready for this to be over. I am nervous about the sight of Oma in her casket and the emotions that will flow throughout the services. I am not looking forward to this. I will be happy when this is over and Oma tucked away next to Opa. That means as of right now she has still not been buried and I have not even left yet. I don’t know if Oma is still in Jupiter or Chicago. Probably back in Chicago undergoing final preparations.

One thing of solace at the moment is my birthday, exactly one week from today. When next Wednesday comes, all this will be over. The trip to Chicago, the viewing of the body, the wake service, the burial and the flight home will all be over within the next 7 days. Life will be back to normal with the exception of having no living grandparents.

To be continued…

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