My Top 10 songs of the week.

I have an account on that I use to keep track of what music I like to hear. During the week I listen to my music on my iPod and if there’s a song I really like, I will play that song more than once. When I’m done listening, I synchronize the iPod with iTunes, which in turn reports the data to

Here are my most-played songs for this week.

1. Gary Wright — Dream Weaver
2. King Harvest — Dancing In The Moonlight
3. “Weird Al” Yankovic — Lasagna
4. The Chipmunks — Alvin For President
5. The Chipmunks — Alvin’s Harmonica
6. The Chipmunks — America The Beautiful
7. Bobby McFerrin — Don’t Worry, Be Happy
8. ZZ Top — Rough Boy
9. ZZ Top — Sharp Dressed Man
10. Rodrigo y Gabriela — Tamacun

Yes, I listen to the Chipmunks and no, I am not ashamed.

If there’s enough interest I’ll make this a weekly feature on my blog. If not, then this will be the last time you will ever know what songs keep me sane. EVER.

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