Another funeral in Chicago, Part 5.

Good morning. Nice day for a funeral, innit?

Got another line to cross. Not the Line Of Anxiety but not exactly smooth sailing either. So I’ll draw the Line Of Uncertainty. I can get through but not without a tight squeeze.

Today’s date is July 22, 2013, the time is 8:07am and I am dressed in pallbearer attire. Here’s the Line Of Uncertainty. See you on the other side…

Here’s the other side. Turn the page, please.

Our last night in Chicago. As I write this, Lisa and Rachel are sleeping but with the light on. I feel bad because I need the light on…

…to write.

Very, very emotional funeral for Oma. The pastor stressed the need to let her go because the body she once occupied is no good for her anymore. So she’s gone now. The very essence of Oma is gone, leaving behind the empty shell that occupies the casket. It all makes sense now. There is a next stage of life after this but the body I’m in right now is no good for this next stage.

Now Oma’s at rest next to Opa, the funeral is over with and we can all carry on with our lives. And yes, I touched Oma’s hands one last time before letting her go. I will not worry about her suffering in pain. I will miss her.

I’m guessing somewhere along writing these words, I’m going to start crying. But I don’t feel the urge to. Not that I’m not sad Oma’s gone. Of course I’m sad. But I’m staying strong. Just like Oma would have wanted. She really looked like she was at peace in that casket, even with her ear looking like it was pale from death. She’s gone now, but not from inside me. Time to get some sleep so I can be up and ready to fly home. More to follow after this intermission from Dreamland. Surely Oma will pay a visit…

Good night.

To be continued…

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