The giant eyeball theory.

I just got this response regarding the mysterious white dots that appear in some of my eclipse photos.

Dude. You don’t know what those white dots are? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Look what happens when I adjust the brightness and the contrast in that last shot with the two dots.


See? Giant eyeballs. There’s a giant space monster out there, my friend. Eyeballs bigger than the Sun, a mouth bigger than the Earth. This thing is HUGE, and it’s watching us right now. One of these days that space monster is going to eat our planet like you would a ball of bubble gum. And when that happens, you better run when those giant teeth come dropping out of the sky. Should you still be alive afterwards, you had better find something to hang on to when the bubble pops.

Aren’t you glad you brought this up?

P.U. Stink
Space Monster Watchers Society
Tokyo, Australia

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