Surviving Hurricane Irma, Day 2.

There was a brief moment of sunshine this morning while but the mood was anything but cheerful. I was too busy finalizing my preparations for the hurricane by moving my patio furniture inside and getting rid of any garbage that could be sent flying during the storm.

And now here I am, staying with family in Palm Beach Gardens to wait out the storm. I’m encouraged that Hurricane Irma has shifted to the west, so I’m hoping that any damage at home is minimal.

I did have an amusing thought that I think would make an interesting story. What if the city of Palm Beach Gardens has not been hit with a hurricane for hundreds of years?

Yes, the last time a hurricane tried to make landfall at the area that is now Palm Beach Gardens only succeeded in being attacked by the vicious natives living there. As a warning to future hurricanes, its remnants were mounted on bamboo sticks along the beach, and since then, no hurricane has ever made landfall at Palm Beach Gardens.

Anyway, there’s nothing to do now but wait for the storm to pass and hope for the best. Oh yeah, and hope everything’s still standing when I get home.

To be continued…

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