Feedback from readers.

Once again Bob Schott takes over as he replies to some of the hatemail he receives daily. All names, events and opinions herein are strictly fictitious.

Schott Scope
Feedback from Readers
By: Bob Schott

I get constantly barraged by hate mail each and every day. While tolerable, this is still distressing as I have yet to receive an e-mail of support. I am literally fighting this fight alone and cannot achieve victory without support from the public. Here is a sampling of my daily read along with my responses.

Bob, you have serious issues.

A typical response from a brainwashed resident of Tequesta, ladies and gentlemen.

Tequesta is NOWHERE near the state where you claim it to be.

You don’t get out much, do you? I can tell you that Tequesta is EVERYWHERE the state I claim it to be. Only this time I base my conclusions on cold, hard fact. How about you?

I don’t know who this “Mike” is, but your reports of him popping tires on Seabrook are ludicrous. I live on Seabrook myself and have not even heard a tire being popped.

A tire doesn’t necessary have to make a loud bang for it to be popped. Listen real closely and you just might hear the air escaping from the tires. You must really enjoy jumping to conclusions.

There are no blown up houses along Tequesta Drive and there is no bomb explosion at Tequesta Park.

I see. Always go by what you’re told, not what you see. That’s a lame way to survive nowadays. I’m surprised you even lasted this long.

Try leaving your house some time, Bob. Once you see how peaceful Tequesta really is then your attitude will change.

I do leave my house. That’s because I know where my front door is. Do you even know how to use yours?

You need help, Bob. Go find it.

No, YOU need help. You’re living in denial of what’s really happening. Time to open your eyes.

I have been living in Tequesta for more than 25 years and have not once seen or heard the commotion you describe in your column.

Let me guess, you’re another elderly shut-in.

I go out for long walks every day and ride my bike all over Tequesta, yes, even to Tequesta Park where you claim a bomb exploded.

Oops, you’re not an elderly shut-in. Elderly maybe, but not a shut-in. It’s hard to learn about my readers by the e-mails they write.

I don’t know where you get the data for your reports but perhaps you should double-check them yourself before continuing spreading your lies all over Tequesta.

I get my news from correspondents that roam the streets of Tequesta, and they report what they see and hear which happens to be cold hard truth. Tequesta Park has been closed the past 5 years, which is a dangerous place to ride your bike. You’re lucky you didn’t get killed. That’s a high price to pay for ignoring my passionate plea for you to stay clear of the damage.

It’s sad that you never learned this lesson during your 10 years in solitary confinement. You had better learn what landed you in jail or else it will happen all over again.

Excuse me. I was sent to jail for a crime I did not commit, so what lessons were there to learn? Oh yeah, it must be never to offer your services to a village in peril or else you’ll wind up in jail. That’s the only lesson I learned and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Perhaps you can explain the lessons I was supposed to learn in jail so I don’t dare make those mistakes again. Funny thing is, I did nothing wrong, yet I went to jail anyway. Go figure that out.

This e-mail is from my lawyer who refuses to re-open my case, which desperately needs a second look.

Bob, please refrain from all further attempts to contact me about your case, including phone calls, letters and e-mails. I no longer intend to hear your ignorant pleas for further assistance with your case.

Excuse me. You are still my attorney and there are certain aspects of my case that need examining, aspects that prove without a doubt I was completely railroaded by a corrupt city government, crooked police officers and a wealthy crime family that conspired together to bring me down.

Your case is already closed and your time served. For us to re-open it now would be senseless and a complete waste of time.

Waste of time? You lawyers really ARE as sleazy and slimy as I now perceive you to be.

The evidence against you was overwhelming and was so strongly presented at trial that was impossible for me to defend you.

So was the evidence of my innocence. Why didn’t you use it?

Bob, you had your day in court and had every chance possible to prove your so-called innocence.

Wrong. You didn’t even make an effort to research my evidence and summon the witnesses who know first hand of the conspiracy. I presented you with a lengthy list of expert witnesses also. You didn’t even use it even though you had the list in your possession months before my trial. I noted numerous contradictions from the witnesses for the prosecution which seriously conflicted with what actually took place. You made no attempt to address these contradictions. You just sat there and did not ONCE object to the misconduct on the witness stand. I kept drawing your attention to what was going on, yet you kept ignoring me. So what’s this about my day in court? LIAR! You never gave me a chance to prove my innocence whatsoever! I NEVER EVEN HAD MY FUCKING DAY IN COURT, YOU SELFISH PRICK!

While I am sometimes critical of our current justice system, I remain convinced that your case received the fairest and unbiased treatment it deserved. There was no prosecutorial misconduct, no biased judge, no tainted jury, no manufactured evidence, absolutely no signs of that you were railroaded. Everything was conducted with utmost respect and the highest degree of professionalism.

You are SO wrong. I have physical evidence to prove that there was indeed prosecutorial misconduct, a judge that was clearly pro-prosection, jurors selected purely on their hatred for me, evidence manufactured by Tequesta with a little help from the State, and signs EVERYWHERE that I was railroaded. I had all this information in my possession prior to trial, yet you never looked at it EVEN THOUGH I brought the documents to your attention on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. You didn’t want to hear me, instead you told me to “shut up”. That alone proves you were never qualified to be my attorney, in fact I have proof you never were even a real lawyer. You don’t know anything about defending the innocent. I possess the very documents that you clearly gave me away! I’m not afraid to use it either.

You had your chance to explain your actions which were irresponsible and highly selfish on your part.

WRONG! I NEVER had the chance to prove my innocence! You clearly made it your job to side with the prosecutors and have me thrown away to rot in jail. This is a mortal miscarriage of justice and it’s lawyers like you that make the justice system as bad as it is.

It’s over, Bob. Your fight has ended and I do not want to hear from you regarding this matter ever again.

I’m not giving up, buster. You haven’t heard the last of me. I’m fighting harder for the truth and I will see to it that it be heard. Silence me as you have, burn me and bury me to rot, but I will rise from the ashes triumphant. It will be your turn to rot. Are you ready?

If you contact me once more, I will have a cease and desist order issued against you. I strongly suggest you reconsider your actions from this point as they will carry serious consequences far worse than you planned.

Your words don’t scare me. I’m ready to prove that you are a fake lawyer with no experience whatsoever. The State literally pulled you off the street, dressed you up real nice and had you try defending me with your lacking experience, which did not help me one bit. I will see to it that the State removes your license to practice law and that you meet a fate far worse than the one I went through. I lost 10 years of my life in jail and I will never forgive you for it.

Also, I understand you have a web site for broadcasting your paranoid views and you enjoy posting e-mails from people annoyed with your nonsense beliefs. I advise that you refrain from publishing this e-mail on your web site.

Oops, I already did. And hey, my views are NOT paranoid. I’m a firm believer in truth, justice and the American Way. That’s what I stand for, and it’s real sad that you don’t even believe in the essence of what makes our society the way it has been for centuries. Without an understanding of this essence, civilization would have long since cease to exist. I have every damn right to post your e-mail on my site. I want my supporters to understand the truth about what really happened to me. I want this to be a warning to everyone out there reading this, to beware of the zealous prosecutors eager to send innocent people to jail for crimes they did not commit. It can happen to anyone, and I mean anyone. It can happen to your parents, your neighbors, your close friends and relatives. What will happen when it does? Who will come to their rescue? We need a hero to save us from our dangerous, brutal and very corrupt justice system. The sad part is that there’s no one brave enough to take a stand and tame the beast so it truly delivers the justice we’ve all been seeking

This will be the last time I will communicate with you on the matter.

Fine. I’ll find someone else who believes in the truth. Since you were never qualified to be my lawyer in the first place, I see no reason to continue employing your needless services. Consider yourself fired.

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