Schott Scope #520.

The following article is strictly a work of fiction and was written from the distorted viewpoint of Bob Schott, a fictitious character of mine whose paranoid delusions fueled by drugs and alcohol only serve to amplify his false, exaggerated claims. The names in the article are also fictitious. There is, however, a real village of Tequesta in Florida. The name “Mike” refers to an unseen criminal whom Mr. Schott blames for damage caused to houses and buildings around town.

Schott Scope
It’s Time To Impeach The Mayor
By: Bob Schott

NOTE: In this column I purposely left the word “mayor” in lowercase as I do not respect the present mayor of Tequesta. I also have in my possession important, notarized documents which are part of the public record in full support of the following. Every word of what follows is true, and I have the documents to back up my claims.

Tom Gilbert, the current mayor of Tequesta, is by far the most corrupt mayor in Tequesta’s 50 year history. He is also the worst mayor ever to hold that title. He has engaged in a series of irresponsible policies, policies that could have ended Mike’s reign of terror that Tequesta has endured the past 15 years. Mayor Gilbert has done absolutely nothing to prevent Mike from causing damage and has failed to secure a warrant for his arrest.

In the 2000 mayoral election, Gilbert sought money from police officers, village administration and the Mozzala crime family to literally buy his victory even though he lost the election. He was responsible for manipulating the press into manufacturing his victory, thus paving the way for a term riddled with corruption, greed and politics.

The mayor knew full well about the situation in Tequesta but failed to take action to stop Mike. On numerous occasions, he even allowed Mike to strike and cause damage, offering him a place to stay in between strikes. Harboring a fugitive like Mike is an offense serious enough to remove the mayor from office, but upon closer examination, there is far more to the mayor than what I’ve covered so far.

The mayor is an active participant in numerous gambling rings and pyramid schemes that has earned him thousands of dollars at the expense of the residents of Tequesta. He authorized imaginary taxes and manufactured laws that sought to have the residents pay heavy fines for ridiculous offenses, such as cutting the grass before 10 a.m. He then hid his money in various overseas bank accounts and lied about it on his annual tax return to avoid paying taxes.

Speaking of taxes, mayor Gilbert has managed to avoid paying any taxes or utility bills. When confronted by those companies demanding payment, he threatened to kill them and have Mike blow up their facilities. This trick has kept the utility companies at bay, allowing the mayor to avoid paying his bills since becoming mayor.

Mayor Gilbert also is trying to rebuild Tequesta by having legitimate homes and businesses bulldozed and barns mounted in their place. He also wants to tear up all the roads and leave nothing but unpaved roads. This fits in with his plans to transform Tequesta into an undeveloped patch of land, allowing him to raise illegal drugs and manufacture nuclear weapons for terrorists. His ultimate goal therefore, is to turn Tequesta into another axis of evil, one that seeks to destroy the world through drugs and weapons. He seeks to accomplish this with the assistance of terrorist leaders, whom he meets with regularly with his frequent trips to the Middle East at taxpayer expense. This is why Gilbert is never in his office and never available to address the people’s concerns. He’s too busy addressing his own concerns instead.

Mayor Gilbert has committed a series of serious crimes against Tequesta, and it’s high time that he be tried and impeached before he can unleash his worst which is definitely yet to come. It’s time for the people of Tequesta to wake up and realize the real direction the Village is headed before it’s too late. There’s still time to impeach the mayor but it must be done soon in order for the real healing to begin.

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