Ian’s peculiar dream.

Steve took Ian by the arm and guided him inside The Watering Hole, their favorite place to spend their Thursdays together. It was Ian’s first outing since he came home from the hospital.

“Welcome back!” Tony the bartender greeted. “Great to see you two.”

“Very funny,” Ian muttered, feeling his way along the counter to his seat. He had just survived a bout with a deadly parasite that required his eyes and right arm to be surgically removed, leaving him blind. All he had for eyes were glass eyeballs.

“You guys playing pool today?” Tony asked.

“No!” Ian shouted. “Can’t you see I’m blind? I can’t play pool anymore.”

“Rack ’em up,” grinned Steve.

“Steve, are you out of your mind? I can’t see!”

“Ian,” Steve replied, “you have a choice. Either continue complaining that you can’t see or find a way to adapt and overcome.”

“I can’t see!” Ian repeated.

Steve sighed and racked up the balls in preparation for the game. “I’ll break,” he said. Just before he could take his shot he was distracted by Ian suddenly groaning with his his hands on his head.

“Ian, what’s the matter?”

“The parasite!” Ian screamed as his head began to swell. “It’s back!”

“Take him outside, Steve,” Tony said. “I just had the rugs cleaned.”

But it was too late. Ian’s glass eyeballs popped out and out gushed green slime all over the floor. Then his head exploded with a loud bang.

“WHOA!” Ian screamed as he sat up in bed, suddenly awake.

I can see.

Ian looked around the room as the memory of his dream lingered in his mind. Funny, he’d always been able to see, but this was the first time he was grateful for it.

And here’s my right arm.

Something else for him to feel good about. No struggling with his chores with one arm. How easily he’d take that for granted.

Ian lay back down, deep in thought.

I may not have a job, I may still be living with my parents, and I may be struggling to get the big things in life like a family and my own place, but I won’t ever take the little things for granted again. I can see, hear, taste and smell and I have my two arms and legs. It may not be much but it’s more than some people have. Never again will I forget to enjoy the little things in life.

And Ian went back to sleep with a big smile on his face.

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