My scary Flash movies.

I once had a web site with a section devoted to stick figure deaths, cartoons and assorted animations. The most popular of these animations were my scary Flash movies that were my contributions to the screamer craze that swept the Internet at the time. My site has long since been gone since those days but someone has found a way for my scary Flash movies to live on.

It’s come to my attention that there’s an entire site devoted to screamers, and I happen to have my own page there with links to my scary Flash movies. The links themselves point to a copy of my old site on archive org. I’m not affiliated with Screamer Wiki but I do like the idea of my animations living on this way.

The only screamer I didn’t make is the one titled “Scary”. That one came from a different site. All the others are of my own creation and will join you in your dreams tonight.

Sweet dreams.

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