Dueling Islands, Part 2.

Ian slowly opened his eyes to a clear blue sky. The sun was shining and the breeze calm. Then he noticed he was on a tiny island with a lone palm tree at its center. He looked around and saw a second tiny island just few yards away, also with a palm tree along with someone familiar resting in its shade.

“Hey, Steve!” Ian shouted. “You okay?”

“No,” Steve shot back. “Let’s see, what did I want to do today? Oh yeah, go to the Watering Hole, play pool, drink iced tea and watch sports on TV. But no, we had to go on your stupid little boat ride and look where we are now! Separate islands in the middle of NOWHERE!”

“Sorry,” Ian muttered. “I wasn’t expecting it to end like this.”

“Says you,” Steve fumed. “Had we done what I wanted, we wouldn’t be here right now! Never mind me, let’s do what YOU want! Hey, this is your world and we just live in it, right Ian?”


“You know what you are? You’re a self-centered, egotistical buffoon!”

“That does it. I’m coming to kick your ass,” Ian snarled and began walking in the water towards Steve’s island. Suddenly he had to retreat from the sharks seen swimming nearby.

“What’s the matter, Ian?” Steve taunted. “Afraid of the widdle fishies?”

“Shut up,” Ian replied as he reclined in the shade of his palm tree. Then his eyes became heavy from the morning’s trauma and he fell asleep.

A short while later Ian was awakened by a pleasant fruity smell. He looked towards the other island and saw Steve eating something.

“Hey, Steve!” Ian shouted. “What are you eating?”

“A banana,” Steve grumbled.

“A banana?” Ian repeated. “Where’d you find it?”

“Where else?” Steve snapped. “My banana tree.”

“Cool, can you throw me one?”

Steve became furious. “Why should I throw you a banana from MY banana tree on MY island?”

“Because I’m HUNGRY!” Ian roared as he stomped his foot. Suddenly a coconut dropped on his head. Ian looked up and to his delight saw a cluster of coconuts hanging from overhead. “Never mind, you have your bananas, I’ll have my coconuts!”

“Coconut?” Steve asked. “I haven’t had a coconut in years. Want to trade a coconut for a banana?”

“Sure, HERE!” Ian screamed as he threw a coconut so hard that it flew over Steve’s head and splashed into the water far out of reach. Steve retaliated by throwing his banana peel at Ian’s feet.

“Is that the best you can do?” Ian taunted before retreating to his shady spot. Then he slipped on the banana peel and stumbled headfirst into the coconut tree to send an avalanche of coconuts on his head to knock him out cold.

“Yes,” Steve replied.

To be continued…

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