From amalgamated morons to American icons.


Recently I was browsing my county library’s web site looking for a book to read on my Kindle when I came across The Three Stooges: An Illustrated History, From Amalgamated Morons to American Icons. Being the lifelong Stooge fan I am, I wasted no time checking it out.

This is actually the second book I have read on the Three Stooges. The first, The Three Stooges: The Triumphs And Tragedies Of The Most Popular Comedy Team Of All Time was a worthwhile read that detailed the evolution of the Three Stooges and exposed the struggle and suffering behind their brand of slapstick comedy.

This second book concentrates more on the history of the famed Three Stooges themselves, from their beginnings with Ted Healy, their rise to stardom and the struggle to keep the laughs going during their later years. Their legacy is also examined through interviews with famed actors and directors who were influenced by the Stooges and tried welding that influence into their own work. Finally, the book lists all 190 of the Stooge shorts along with plot summaries and tallies of slaps, head bonks, eye pokes and pies thrown. I can’t tell you how many times I smiled when I came across summaries of my favorite comedy shorts. Perhaps there are more favorites than I care to admit.

Overall I found this book a delightful read that gave me an even deeper appreciation for the Three Stooges. It should belong in the library of any Stooge fan.

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